Sunday, April 5, 2009

Going on Vacation

Tomorrow morning Ryan and I are going up to the mountains for five days, just the two of us. The girls are going to Grandma and Grandpa's house (and possibly Nana's) for their "vacation". I am looking forward to sleeping in and reading and scrapbooking and of course spending quality time with my hubby! The girls have big plans for a hike and roller skating and Grandpa's flapjacks! Rylie is especially excited because we got them a present for every day that we're gone.
The only down side is that we won't have any Internet where we are going! (I think I'm getting the shakes already!) I was going to make up some posts to publish while I'm gone, but my brain is already in "vacation mode". I guess you'll have to survive with twitter updates!


Stephanie said...

What is Twitter?

Anonymous said...

ha ha you are so funny. now fb has this option to rate friends of friends' comments on walls. as if we need any more encouragement to be egocentric and never leave our pages. the whole world is being conducted from our fb pages. i came up with a slogan tonight. Facebook: don't leave home, and now your page without it. hehe. hope you're having a blast!

KLB said...

enjoy your time! I am excited to hear all about it!