Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tea Party

Rylie's friend Hannah turned four and had a tea party yesterday. Rylie was so excited that she was going to be able to go to a real tea party at a real tea restaurant. Since Anna was still sick, Auntie Pam took Rylie with her and Abby. Rylie had so much fun! She kept telling me that she got to drink tea out of a real tea cup and use a glass plate. She also got to eat "fancy sandwiches" and have a cupcake. When Pam dropped her off, she ran in the house and said, "I used my manners the whole time!"
Thank you Krista and Hannah for inviting Rylie to such a fun party!


rebekah said...

uh my stars. I had no idea you had another baby.....did you know Sharon had a little girl? Her daughter just turned one. I'll bookmark this and check back fun stuff.

momaof4 said...

That is the cutest skirt!!!

tscarter7 said...

Oh, so cute! We missed it due to me hosting the shower for Steph. Hannah had been invited...she and "little" Hannah have always been special friends. I think maybe my Hannah was supposed to be the "mentor girl" Ha ha ha!!! :)