Thursday, November 13, 2008

God the Provider

My parents have taught me many lessons over the course of my life, but one of the ones that has made a huge impression on me is the lesson that God always provides. Growing up in a Pastor's family we were able to see over and over again evidence of this both in our lives and in the lives of others. I have seen God provide in big ways and in small ways.
One big way God provided in my own life was when Ryan and I were in tight spot financially. We were beyond broke and out of groceries. I was so excited when I found some meat in the back of the freezer, I thought that was God's way of providing for us. Then I went out to the mail box and opened up a card with a check for $500! We had told no one that we needed help, but God knew. He had laid it on this person's heart to send us money "out of the blue".
Another time was when we needed a new car but didn't think it would be possible because there was no way we could afford it. One evening Ryan was about to leave work to go home and a wonderful lady from church walked in and handed him an envelope. He opened it and saw a key. He went outside and saw the car that the key belonged to, the car that some of our church family had gotten together to buy for us!
God also has provided so many times in smaller ways. I could go on and on and tell you examples of all of those times but there is not enough room. I will tell you how God answered my prayer and provided something that was not a need, but a desire.
My dear husband has been working so hard and has still been giving us his all as well. He is also been helping his Mom and sisters and dealing with his Mom's cancer diagnosis. I wanted to give him some time away to recharge, but he just doesn't have time to get away. I thought it would be nice if I could give him a Borders gift card and a chance to go spend the evening just browsing, drinking coffee, and just having some time to himself. The problem was that I didn't have any extra money to buy him a gift card. Monday night, I prayed that I would have some way of getting this for him. Tuesday, he brought home my secret sister gift (I hadn't gotten it Sunday because I was sick and didn't go to church). Inside my gift was a $40 gift card to Borders! God answered my prayer the very next day! He actually had answered it before I even prayed it, my secret sister had already bought it and was prepared to give it to me Sunday. I didn't pray for it until Monday! Isn't that great how God provides?!
How about you? How are some ways that God has provided for you?


Jessica said...

One way God has provided recently is with the filling of our propane tank. With Dr's bills and baby stuff to buy, we had given up on filling our propane tank with a cost of $500! Just to note the propane tank is for our gas fireplace only and really is a frivolous thing. One morning my doorbell rang and it was a neighbor from down the road. He said to me that he just wanted to let us know that he turned off the valve when he filled the tank. Not knowing if Cris made some sort of arraignment, I thanked the guy. I immediately went upstairs to ask Cris if he had delivered rock or something in exchange for the propane. I was surprised when he said no, that he had only asked the guy how much it would cost since he works in propane. He had come over on his own and provided us with $500 worth of propane. I hadn't even prayed for it since it was something I considered an unnecessary expense this year. I had only prayed for the things we were in need of. It's really amazing how God blesses us with the small things as well as the big!!

Michelle said...

There have been so many ways that God has specificially answered our needs, but one in particular was about college tuition. For my 2nd year of school, I was a little short of what I needed and was planning to take out a $2400 loan. I was just about to turn in the loan papers when I got an envelope in the mail. It was to tell me about a $2400 scholarship I had been awarded- one I hadn't even applied for! It is amazing how God works all things together for good.

red-headed Wilson's said...

He has provided our family with a job for Ben where we don't have to worry about money. Really really blessed. Ben was happy with his last job but a friend asked him if he could give Bens name to a friend looking for a CPA. We were unsure as we were happy with the current job. But we went ahead, Ben got the job within a week and we have never been happier.
I need to remember that while God has blessed us to be in this position we need to be open when he calls us to give BIG so we can help in blessing HIs children.

Thanks Amy for this post. I was with a lot of girlfriends today and they were all talking about the economy and their job securities. It was so depressing. I needed to be reminded that GOD is in control. He loves us and will provide for us, even when times are tough.

red-headed Wilson's said...
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red-headed Wilson's said...
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