Monday, November 24, 2008


The first first today was Rylie's first trip to the Dentist. She did so great. She didn't have any problems and the Dentist told her that she had pretty teeth! She was excited that she got a new toothbrush and a toy frog.
The other first was both Anna and Rylie had their first haircut tonight! Aunt Elisa cut the little "tail" off of the back of Anna's hair so it would be even. She was playing with Aunt TeTe the whole time so she didn't even notice that Aunt Elisa was cutting her hair.
Rylie has never had a haircut, but she was needing a trim, so Elisa cut about five inches off. I know it's not, but it seems so much shorter to me now! Rylie wanted it cut really short, like her Nana's, but we decided against it. Turned out cute anyway!

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Stephanie said...

I missed you again! Grrrr!!!!
Not this week, but maybe next week, I'm just going to pack up my little Leslie and come down to see just you. Tell me when I can come.