Monday, November 3, 2008

Anna's Vocabulary

Here are the things that Anna can say:
"LaLa" (Rylie)
"PaPa" (Grandpa)
"BaBa" (bottle or any food)

She has gotten a couple more teeth, she now has four on the top and three on the bottom. She loves to wave and yell at Grandma's kitty (Sadie). Rylie is her favorite person, she gets so excited when she sees her sister! Every morning now Rylie gives Anna big hugs and tells her good morning. She loves to practice standing. Every morning she tries to close her bedroom door and then gives me a "high five". She is very social and happy. She is such a blessing to us!

Edited to add: This morning she tried juice and waffles for the first time. She ecspecially liked it when I broke the waffles up and put them in front of her so she could feed herself. Rylie and Daddy made us breakfast this morning, such a treat! Ryan was asking Rylie about all of the things God made and she said, "God made everything, even parents." That gave us a chuckle!

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