Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Day of Praise

The other night I was reading Psalm 113 and I came across verse 3, "From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the Lord is to be praised!" This was so convicting to me because I am failing at this. So much of my day is spent thinking about myself, complaining, trying to make myself the most comfortable, doing what I desire. That is not praising the Lord! He is not pleased with this. I asked the question, so how can I praise Him all day long?

The next morning, I was reading Psalm 119 and verse 7 struck me, "I will praise you with an upright heart when I learn your righteous rules." This is how I praise Him all day, by living with an upright heart. The rest of the Psalm tells me how to have this upright heart. It taught me that I need to be living intentionally, actively, passionately, joyfully seeking to know God, His Word, and obeying Him. This is how I'm to live my life. Instead, I so often just float through life waiting for the next thing to happen and then reacting to it. Living intentionally takes a lot of work and I'm lazy and self focused.

I have confessed this sin to the Lord and am confidante in His gracious forgiveness and mercy. I have decided to make Psalm 113:3 my theme verse for the year. I think it will give me a proper perspective. It will be fun to find ways to praise Him during the day, all day. It will be fun to teach this to my girls.

For me, part of living intentionally has to be getting up before the girls do so I can have time alone with God. This is so hard for me because I love sleep! It's also hard because it means I need to be disciplined and go to bed earlier at night. My plan is to get up at 6:30 every morning. I'm telling you this so that you can all hold me accountable to this. I do so much better with accountability.

So, what are some ways you can praise Him today?


tuesdaymom said...

This has been my biggest struggle lately too. My first thought when I wake up in the morning is usually, "Dear Lord, please give me the strength to make it through this day!" How self-focused and self-pitying is that?! Then I flounder through my Bible reading trying to find passages that bring me comfort. How much different would my days be if I could just focus on Him and giving Him praise?

Miss you!

Amanda Hug'n Kiss said...

Don't forget, God also knows you and understands your bad, sad, and mad days. I'm not saying he gives us permission to wollow in self pity, but he made us with feelings! I've had to learn how to take time out to be sad, as long as I don't let it become a way of living. I give myself permission to be pathetic for one whole day, and I really have my cry out. Then the next day I go out and do something. God knows me better than I know myself, so he understands when I have to do this :)