Sunday, January 4, 2009

What an amazing day! We had our first service as a combined, merged church today. It was incredible! Last night we went to the church so Ryan could put together the power point. As Rylie and I sat there in the chairs I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray for the service today. Rylie and I prayed that the Lord would be glorified through it all. As I sat in those same chairs today, listening to 450 people singing, as one body, "In Christ Alone", I felt that prayer being answered. As the tears trickled down my cheeks I praised the Lord. I am so excited to see how God works this next year!
(pictures from the service in post below)


Anonymous said...

it was amazing today!!!!!!! As I stood there up at the front with dad while singing In Christ Alone, I told dad "isn't this amazing what God has done!" I can't tell you how awsome it felt to see everyone together after all these years.......and then to see how God has seen fit to bless our's amazing. And then to be able to stand there with your dad and enjoy the moment together......what can I say....God is good!

tscarter7 said...

Yesterday really was awesome! Praise God for all He has done and is doing and is going to do!!!