Saturday, January 17, 2009

Life is never boring!

We had a bit of excitement today when we got a call that my Dad had fallen and was being taken to the hospital. Ryan and Mom made it to the church (where Dad had fallen) in time to see the paramedics. Ryan followed them to the hospital where it was diagnosed as an ankle fracture. He actually broke two big bones in his ankle and had two smaller breaks as well. He also tore all of the ligaments. They put him in a splint and sent him home. He has to see an Orthopedic surgeon on Monday to determine when he can have surgery on it. They want to make sure the swelling has gone down first.
Dad was at the new church building helping various people work on different building projects. He had gone exploring while everyone else was having lunch. Someone had left a trap door in the floor open and in the darkness, he didn't see the hole in the floor. . . and you get the idea. He was stuck in this hole up to his chest and had to wait for someone to hear him to come help him.
Thanks to Becky coming over and watching my girls, I was able to go to the hospital too. I was very thankful that she wanted to do that, it enabled me to take my Mom to the pharmacy to get Dad's meds and I needed to see for myself that my Daddy was ok. I ran into a friend from High School (Kristen H. for all you TBS readers) at the hospital. She is an EMT and was there on another call. It was fun to reconnect with her, since I haven't seen her in about four years.
Thanks also to Eric and Gary who came to the hospital and helped get Dad home.
Thankfully, in God's sovereign plan, Ryan was already scheduled to preach tomorrow.
Please pray for Dad, as this will be a long recovery and for Mom who has to take care of him!


Amanda Hug'n Kiss said...

What a week, huh? My dad fractured his shoulder this week (although nothing as serious as your dad) and you probably have heard about most of the other stuff. Ugh. What an overwhelming start to the new year! What are we supposed to be learning from all this? Hmm. I'll be praying for you guys.

tscarter7 said...

Oh, Amy! Judi called and told me about all this and I have been praying ever since I heard! Love you all....

Stephanie said...

Wow he's gonna have to take up preaching from a chair like Charles Ryrie and John Whitcomb. That's what happens when you become an OLD preacher. ;)
Love ya pastor dad! Don't hold it against me on my doctrinal exam.

tuesdaymom said...

What is it with that church and injured ankles, eh? I'm seeing a trend! ;)