Monday, November 15, 2010

I love my coupons!

$145 worth of groceries for $9! Overall, I got $200 worth of groceries for $40 (that included 2 turkeys), but I just took a picture of the best deals, the ones I used my coupons on. I got one of the turkeys for free (a $28 value) because the lady in line in front of me got a good deal on it but didn't want it. She turned to me and said, "I live alone, if I buy this turkey, do you want it?" I said, "of course"! I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year for both my side of the family and Ryan's side so we have a big group.
I got all of this at Albertsons by combining their current sales with their "Twice the Value" coupons and some other coupons.

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red-headed Wilson's said...

What fun Amy! So gla dthe lady in front of you was so gracious. I love hearing when people do things like that!