Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas #2

Christmas Eve morning we had our own family Christmas. We started out with Daddy making us french toast (Rylie's request). Then we gave the girls their most important gift, new Bibles! Rylie got a "big girl", "real" Bible. She is very proud of it! Anna got the new version of the Jesus Storybook Bible (our hands down favorite children's Bible, and the new version comes with CD's of the Bible being read). Ryan read the Christmas story from Luke 2 out of their Bibles, then we had a special Nativity activity. There are 7 boxes that you open and read a little book that goes along with it. Each box has a different piece of the Nativity scene. The last box has a mirror in it to show that the gift you can give to Jesus is you. It is a great reminder of the reason for Christmas.
Then we opened our gifts. It was so fun watching the girls excitement. We had gotten Anna a dinosaur because she loves Dinosaur Train, but this dino moves and roars. She was completely freaked out! Poor thing kept saying, "I scared!" We thought she would love it! Maybe in time.
The gift Rylie wanted the most was a salon chair. She wants to be like her Aunt Elisa and do hair. I love this picture of Ryan doing her hair! He's such a good Daddy!
After we opened all of our presents we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and ate His birthday cake.
It was such a nice time together! I love my family!


Janice Krieger said...

Colton loves Dinosour train. We showed him those dinos at the store and he ran screaming. LOL it was funny.

Smiles said...

Where could I get a Nativity activity set like that? Sounds great!

Amanda Hug'n Kiss said...

Love you guys and love watching your family "become". When I look at your sweet little girls I think back to when it was just that nice girl Amy and thay pastor guy dude Ryan. Cool.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Just like the D.'s you guys are amazing parents! We have so much to learn and improve on! Thank you for sharing what you guys did this Christmas!