Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas #1

Our Christmas started Wednesday night with a visit from Aaron and Becky. We had dinner and opened presents. They got Rylie a "big girl" doll, which she loved! Becky had even gone on ebay and found extra clothes for the doll, so Rylie has a cute box full of doll clothes to play with. Anna really enjoyed taking the clothes out of the box and bringing them to Becky and then putting them back in the box. She did that over and over again. She really liked her monkey and baby doll that she got, but she was sick, so she mostly just wanted to snuggle with Mommy.
I was so touched by the photo book that Becky made me! I teared up when I was looking at the pictures she had included. She also got me the Pioneer Woman cookbook! I have been wanting that for awhile!
Ryan and I got lots of other gifts from them too! We were spoiled!
Then we baked and decorated out Happy Birthday Jesus cake for the next morning. Rylie was very specific on how she wanted it decorated. White with yellow around it and a cross in the middle. She said that Daddy could eat the cross, since he is a Pastor!
We had a great evening, thank you Aaron and Becky!

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Ryan said...

I love that you put in the picture of Aaron "choking out" Rylie's doll! The man has issues! :)