Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bring Ree to Seattle in 2010

My friend, Keren and I are starting a campaign! We (along with most of you), love The Pioneer Woman, and want her to come to the Northwest on her Cookbook Tour. So, our plan, go visit her blog, adore her, and then leave her a comment asking her to bring her tour to the Northwest. Then we will all go together to see her! And if anyone wants to buy me the cookbook for Christmas. . .


red-headed Wilson's said...

My campaign would be bring her to Portland!!!!! HAHA

She has such a great website. Tonight I am making those enchiladas and mexican rice she just blogged on.

Stephanie said...

I told her way back when she first wrote about her book tour that she needed to come to the PacNW. *fingers crossed*

And the cookbook? It's fabulous. I actually don't read her cooking blog or look at her cooking website, but I do love her cookbook. It's yummy. And the photos are amazing, which is why I bought the book in the first place :)