Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back From The Ranch

We got back into town last night from our week in Idaho at a ranch. We had a great time (thank you Mom and Dad for the trip!!!) and were able to relax some too.
My wonderful husband, made sure that I was able to feel like I had a vacation too. He helped make meals, wash dishes, take care of the girls, etc. It was very nice!
Rylie turned into quite the little cowgirl. She absolutely fell in love with the horses. Her and Abby fed them hay and crab apples and petted them everyday. They also fed the goats and gave them lectures on how they needed to be kind to each other.
Luke and Anna enjoyed the animals too, but they didn't want to get too close to them.
Thank you to everyone who prayed for Anna, she is back to normal now. Her fever broke on Thursday. We have an appointment in mid September with her primary dr. so we may know more then.
I have a million pictures from the trip, but I will try to pick a few of my favorites and post them.
Now to get ready for the Church Campout on Thursday!


Ryan and Stephanie said...

ADORABLE PIC! I hope she gets to ride when she's bigger. I always loved it.

God Made Playdough said...

Thanks! I love this picture too! She got to ride once at Ryan's dad's house on her birthday. He has horses, so we just need to take her there more often.
I didn't enjoy getting bucked off with you in the field! :( Broke my tail bone!
By the way, I took pictures of the old house and your house today since that property sold. I'll post them soon!