Friday, July 17, 2009

Potty Training?

I started potty training Rylie when she turned two. She wasn't quite ready, it was too early for her and thus the training lasted for what seemed like forever. She wasn't completely independent until she was three. When I thought about potty training Anna, I thought I would wait until she really seemed really interested and really ready. I did not want it to drag on forever like it did with Rylie.
I figured we would wait until she was closer to three.
Well, recently, Anna has started telling me when she had a dirty diaper and when she was about to
go. She has also been interested in the potty and wants to go in whenever Rylie goes. I thought I would put her on it once just to see what her reaction would be. She immediately started trying to go potty! I was surprised that she really knew what it was for. Since then I have put her on the potty a couple of times. Tonight when I did, she went pee! She was so proud of herself and started laughing and clapping! I asked her if she wanted to call Grandma and Papa and tell them and she said "yes, Papa!" When she got on the phone with him she said "potty!" (and of course, "wuv you")
Now I'm not sure where to go. I'm not sure if I should go full force and start officially training her or wait until she's a little older. Any advice?


Angela Miller said...

As long as she is interested it can't hurt to keep trying. Just don't stress over it! This may be a brief fascination, that won't last. Prepare yourself for that just in case. She is still pretty young, so don't beat yourself up if she decides she isn't ready. If she does potty train now....yeah for no more diapers :)

tscarter7 said...

I say go for it as long as she is showing interest! But I agree with Angela...might not last so be prepared. It's great that she is trying it and maybe you'll be free of diapers soon! (helps on the budget huh!)