Friday, July 3, 2009

Anna's First Swing

Wednesday evening we went to the lake with Becky for a couple hours. The girls got to put their feet in the water and then play on the swings. This was Anna's first time on a swing and she wasn't too sure if she enjoyed it. She decided she liked it better when she was sitting on Daddy's lap on the swing. Rylie kept telling Becky to push her higher and higher.
Anna is seeming so big to me lately. She is walking all over the place and climbing stairs. She seems to understand quite a bit and is saying some two word combinations and has a pretty big vocabulary. Her favorite word is "Chocolate!" She is obsessed with it and would eat it all day long if I let her!
I am so blessed by both of girls!


Sarah said...

That's too funny about the chocolate! Sounds like a true woman to me!
Isn't this weather great? I love all the pictures of the girls enjoying the sunshine.
Henry literally would not swing until this summer -- and he's 4! (Ironic since he spent essentially the first 6 months of his life in the baby swing -- he loved it and it helped with his reflux.)
Hope to see you guys at the picnic tomorrow??

Jessica said...

So Cute!!