Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not too bad for a sick day!

Today the girls and I stayed home from Church because Anna has been sick and I am feeling awful as well. I would have liked to stay in bed all day, but two precious little girls didn't like that idea. So, while the girls were crafting I got busy in the kitchen. We have been so busy lately and I don't see signs of life slowing down, so I thought I'd make a couple of meals to put in the freezer for those busy nights so we don't have to grab fast food. I made a chicken zucchini casserole, chicken pockets, strawberry bread, and applesauce. I wrapped the chicken pockets individually so if I need to grab a couple for lunches I can do that or I can grab the whole batch for a dinner meal. I've been doing that whenever I make muffins too. It's been really handy when I have to pack the girls lunches for our home school "co-op". I previously had also made my own "lunchables" for this purpose. I cut cheese and lunch meat in cute shapes with cookie cutters and wrapped them in small bunches and froze them so I can just grab one out for each girl the night before I need them. By lunch the next day they are thawed and the girls have their own "lunchable" that is made with healthier meat that the kind you buy at the store and a lot cheaper. I had also made my own "crackers" to go along with them out of tortillas. I cut them with cookie cutters as well and then baked them for a few minutes so they were crispy. I freeze them with the meat and cheese, when they thaw they are still crispy. Makes an easy lunch that I don't have to worry about! I love my freezer!

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Michelle said...

Wow, good job! I really need to get on that. We're wasting electricity with an empty freezer in the garage! :( Thanks for the reminder.