Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Poor Rylie Girl

My poor little Rylie girl hurt her foot today. She dropped a small cast iron stove door on her foot this morning when I was in the shower. It made a puncture wound in her foot and was bleeding a ton so after I consulted Ryan and my nurse sister in law, I took her into her doctor. The doctor was concerned there might be an open compound fracture, so I took her to the imaging center for an X-ray. I was very thankful that we ran into a friend of ours from Church at the imaging center who was there with her co worker. Rylie was getting pretty hungry and it didn't look like she would be able to get anything to eat for several more hours. Our friend had some kid friendly snacks in her car that she generously shared with us. She also sat with Rylie while I had to fill out the paperwork so Rylie didn't have to be alone. I was very thankful!
The X-ray came back negative for a fracture, thankfully. We went back to the doctor's office where Rylie got two stitches. The final verdict was a sprained toe, contusion, and stitches. She has to be non weight bearing for the next couple of days and can't play Tball for the next 2 weeks. As you can tell from this picture, she's not too happy about the whole thing.

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