Saturday, July 10, 2010

First Tball Game!

My Rylie girl had her first Tball game today! It was so cute and funny. (Somehow a picture from practice snuck in here too, I couldn't get it to delete.)
The kids have no clue what they are supposed to be doing yet, which makes it so fun. The kids all stand in a semi circle behind the pitchers mound and then all dive for the ball and tackle each other for it. Some of the kids would bat and then, instead of running to first base, would run after their ball to try to get it themselves.
The rule is that they play for 50 minutes or 6 innings which ever comes first, today we got through 1 1/2 innings! I don't know if we'll ever see 6!
We were so thankful that she got on the same team as her friend Ryan, from church and her cousins Abby and Luke (who were out of town for this game). This should be a fun season!


Nicolasa said...

How fun! I loved t-ball and went on to play softball until high school! I hope she enjoys it that much!

Anonymous said...

So glad the kids are on the same team. Altho Ryan is bummed that Rylie won't get to play for a couple weeks now. Hope she's feeling ok tonight. Poor girl!