Thursday, June 3, 2010

My first sewing project!

My friend, Katie is teaching me how to sew! She is going to be gone all summer, so she is lending me her sewing machine so I can practice all summer. She helped me make something out of my old shirt. We cut it up and made it into a shirt for Rylie and a dress for Anna! It's a little short for Anna but we're going to try to make some bloomers to go with it.
I used some of the left over fabric to make some barrettes and a headband to match.
I also thought I'd make some napkins because that was just sewing straight lines!


momaof4 said...

Just use some leggings! That would be so cute.

Love it. Can you share your patterns that you used?

Anonymous said...

way to go sweetie.....I'm so proud of you! love, mom

Anonymous said...

Awesome job Amy!! I've gotta say you are such an inspiration to me!