Wednesday, June 30, 2010

$55 worth for $3!

Once again, this is why I love coupons! Most of these items I was able to get for free! I got my coupons from the Sunday paper inserts, and a couple from the Internet. A lot of times, manufactures will have coupons for free products on their actual websites. That's how I got the Suave conditioner for free and the Smart ones breakfast for free.
I love too that prior to couponing I couldn't afford name brand items, I could only afford generic store brand items (not that there is anything wrong with that), but now with the coupons I'm getting the name brand items for cheaper (or free) than the generic store brand! The trick is to pair the coupons with store sales and to use the Albertsons "Twice the Value" coupons. The items in this picture I got from Albertsons and Walmart.
The other trick is to read the coupon blogs (there are several out there), I have previously linked the ones that are my favorites. They do all the research for you and figure out what stores are having sales and which coupons you should pair with them for the best deals. (For example, they told me that there was a coupon for Schick disposable razors in this past Sunday's paper for $2 off and Walmart sells them for $1.97, so if you use the coupon at Walmart, you can get them for free!) They also tell you where you can sign up to get free stuff in your mail, like coupons for free things, etc. The other day I even got free underwear in the mail! One of my favorite coupon blogs is The Coupon Project. I like her because she's local and so she posts local deals. I'd love to hear about your deals that you get!


Janice Krieger said...

I still haven't recieved anything in the mail when I sign up. I don't know how many things I've signed up for. Bummer.

God Made Playdough said...

That is so wierd! I almost always get the things I sign up for. There are sometimes when it's an obscure company that I don't get whatever sample they promised, but for all the major companies, I always get it. Are you giving them a PO box, because I know a lot of places won't ship to a PO Box? Or maybe you have an issue with your mailman not delivering them? I wonder if it will still happen with your new house. Have you tried with your new address?

Michelle said...

Do you have a newspaper subscription? Because that's why I don't get a lot of coupons, we don't get a newspaper. So those doubler coupons don't do me a lot of good, since most the ones I print online say "don't double".

God Made Playdough said...

I don't have a newspaper subscription, but my parents do, and they give me their coupons, so I luck out there. You can buy the Sunday paper at the dollar tree though and that's cheaper than a subscription. Also, you might ask Judi for hers, if she gets them, if I remember right, she said she doesn't coupon. The other thing is, Albertsons changed their coupon policy recently and they will take and double the coupons that say "do not double" on them. I read it in their corporate policy and I double checked with the manager at our Albertsons here. So you can use those internet coupons too. :)