Monday, April 12, 2010

A couple pictures from Africa!

Ryan was able to send me a couple pictures from Madagascar! The first picture is of him standing in front of the city of Tana, from the highest point in the city. The second is the butcher shop, and the third is the house where they stayed.
He is now back in the States! He flew in tonight into Kentucky, where he is at the Together for the Gospel conference until Thursday night, then he will come home to me!
Now that he back in the US, he is back in cell phone range, so the girls and I got to talk to him!


Robert said...

Ryan was a good member of the team and it was a joy to serve together with him. I am very glad he was able to go. He did a good job because he opened both the Word and his heart to the people of Madagascar.


Anonymous said...

Wow that first picture is a really cool shot of the city of Tana! Thx for sharing these with us :)