Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Catch of the Day

Rylie has been wanting to go fishing for quite awhile now. She keeps telling her Grandpa that he needs to take her, she has her net and her rod all ready. So, when she found out that her preschool class was going to go on a fishing field trip, she was very excited.
We went to a Fishing Farm, and she was first up out of her little group. She cast her line and waited eagerly for that tug. She didn't have to wait long. Her rod was quickly being pulled down by a rainbow trout and she was reeling in the line as quick as her little fingers could go. Her friend, Joshua scooped up her fish in the net and Rylie grinned from ear to ear! "Mommy, I caught my first fish!" she yelled.
She was so proud and excited! She had to call Grandpa and Daddy right away and tell them about her catch and ask them if they were proud of her!
She got to take it home and have it for dinner, which she didn't like so much, but Anna did. Anna had three helpings of it, Rylie spit out her first bite. We decided that Rylie can catch the fish, and Anna can eat them.
Rylie said it was the "best field trip ever!" and she can't wait to go fishing again! A girl after her Grandpa's heart!

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