Saturday, May 9, 2009

Musical Morning

A friend from Awana gave us free tickets to go to the Seattle Symphony's children's concert yesterday. Mom and I braved the streets of Seattle only to find out that the concert had been cancelled. We were very disappointed, but where told we could take the girls to the Soundbridge to play with some instruments. The girls loved this, especially Rylie. She absolutely loved the Cello and did not want to play anything else. She kept saying, "I'm having so much fun!"
Anna was very serious about playing the piano. She sat and played for quite awhile. I thought she would just bang on it, but she was quite intent on it.
It was precious to me to watch them playing music with my Mom. She is such a great Grandma!


Jessica said...

So cute!! And how fun!!!

tscarter7 said...

So is Anna ready for lessons with Auntie Susan?!! :)

God Made Playdough said...

Susan, we actually took a picture of the standing bass for you, but it didn't turn out that great! :( Anna was funny, she was really into it! And Rylie really wants to learn the cello now! Do they make kid sizes, or does that kind of defeat the point of the cello? Does it have to be big to produce the right sound? Do you know how to play it?
Jessica, Thank you! :)

Heather said...

Hello Amy!
I am so glad we were able to exchange blogs! I look forward to getting to know you as well through your blog!
If you want to send me your email, I will send you those recipes we spoke about it as soon as I have a chance! They might be a little too large for the comments section!
See you later this week and talk to you soon!
Heather :-)