Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Awana Awards Night

Tonight we had our end of the year Awana Awards Potluck. I got to give my little Puggles their awards and presents and Rylie got her Cubbie awards. Anna had a lot of fun playing with her friends. Her and Truitt especially had fun playing under the table, just like her big sister and his big brother like to do. We're keeping it all in the family!
We were able to get our baby friend picture with Anna, Hailey, and Sophie. These three were all born within a week of each other and we like to get their pictures together every few months or so. We can't wait to look back on them someday!
We are very proud of our Cubbie! She did a great job this year and learned a lot! Thank you Cubbie teachers! And thank you to my great Puggle leaders for all your help this year!

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red-headed Wilson's said...

Our AWANA is over for the year too. I am so releived. Does that sound horrible? :) We used to go through part of May and I am glad we are ending sooner. The kids start to get so busy in the spring our numbers would drop.

Rylie looks so cute in that last picture!