Sunday, March 20, 2011

Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Party (warning, lot's of pictures!)

We had a Littlest Pet Shop Birthday party for Rylie and Anna. Their birthdays are only six days apart (just shy of three years apart), we combined their parties. They were a little unsure at first if they wanted to combine them, but they ended up having a wonderful time!
I thought I would post some of the details of the party because when I was searching around for Littlest Pet Shop party ideas, there wasn't a whole lot. Maybe this can give someone else some ideas. There was a lot more we could have done with it, but due to limited time and limited budget, this is what we came up with.
We used LPS houses/buildings as centerpieces for each table with some of the LPS characters in them. The kids loved playing with them and it was super easy decorating. I also printed off some LPS wallpaper (turned out a little pixely but was ok) and framed it in frames from the Dollar Tree and placed those around the food tables. I also printed off some small LPS pictures and cut them out and attached them to toothpicks and put them in all the food (I also did this with some generic birthday printables I had found online). Since we were on a budget, we just went with Dollar Tree plates, cups, etc.
We tried to keep with a pet theme for the food. We had cheese for the mouse food, tuna sandwiches and fishy crackers for the kitties, hot dogs and dog bone cookies for the puppies, gummy worms for the birds.
Instead of games, we had 4 stations set up. There was a coloring station with LPS coloring pages (several free sites online), a make your own collar station (I just cut strips of paper and gave them a variety of stickers, I was surprised how many of the boys really loved this), a make your own dog station (out of paper, I found a pattern online), and an animal hospital station (I brought a bunch of the girls stuffed animals and their doctor toys). At each station they got a stamp on their hands, when they had visited each station they got to go to the prize table and pick a prize. I had lucked out right after Halloween, Walmart had a bin of party favors that were on clearance for super cheap!
The best part of the party though was Anna and Rylie's cousins had driven up from California and surprised us all! We were so happy to see them! Rylie said that it was the best birthday ever!


Momma Tess cooks said...

I've looked all around and LPS parties are hard to find for some reason. Love your station and food ideas, so cute! Thanks for the inspiration!!

stevenjared0853 said...

Such a cute Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Party. I am inspired with these ideas. The food looks very delectable. At some local LA event venues and I can’t forget all the lovely food we had in that bash. It was all vegan. I couldn’t believe vegan food can also be that much tasty.