Friday, December 10, 2010


I haven't been doing a very good job updating this 'lil 'ol blog of mine lately.
I feel like we are the house of the plague lately. I broke my toe (still can't wear a shoe),Anna was sick, Rylie got Fifth's disease, then I got Fifth's, then Rylie got another ailment, now Anna threw up tonight! It just seems like it's been one thing after another. Two of my friends just had babies and I haven't been able to see either one of them yet because we've had too many germs!
I think God just wants us to stay home for awhile!
Because of the nature of Ryan's work schedule, we have made breakfast our main family meal. This is when we do family devotions and now I'm starting to make a little bit more of a meal than just a bowl of cereal. I was pleasantly surprised that my first attempt at Eggs Benedict turned out pretty good. I would love to hear if you have a favorite breakfast recipe you would like to share!
Rylie got her hair cut the other day. She got a lot cut off. She has been asking to get it cut for a while so when Ryan was on his way to get his cut, she begged to go with him to get hers done as well. It looks really cute on her!
My sweet friend gave me a Christmas present of paying for me to get my haircut at a great salon! I did that today.
Tonight we had a Christmas program for the Homeschool "co-op" (Classical Conversations) that Rylie is a part of and that I teach at. Each class presented something they have been learning. My class sang the "Eight Parts of Speech" song and also recited two history sentences. One about William the Conqueror and one about the Protestant Reformation. I was so proud of them! They did such a great job!
There's a brief update on the last few weeks. I have lots of pictures to post, we got our Christmas tree, had a North Pole breakfast. . . etc.

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Janice Krieger said...

What is fifth's? And who had babies?