Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Third Soccer Game


red-headed Wilson's said...

Amy or Ryan

I am looking at downloading audible books onto my Kindle. Where should I start to look and who is the best or easiest. THANKS

Ryan said...

Not exactly sure what you mean, Dee. If you mean books that you can read AND that the kindle can also read to you, most of the new books for kindle do this. You simply check on the book's description and it will tell you if it has text to speech capability.

red-headed Wilson's said...

no, I want some audiobooks. I am using but wasn't sure if there was something better. We want some books that are audio for our road trip.

Have you done that text to speech thing. Boy it sounds terrible. :) I am having so much fun with this Kindle

Anonymous said...

So cute Amy! And I love the one of Anna and Sierra at the end....adorable!